Africacrypt2019 accepted papers

1. An improvement of Correlation Analysis for Vectorial Boolean Functions
Youssef Harmouch, Rachid Elkouch and Hussain Ben-Azza.
2.Sampling the Integers with Low Relative Error
Michael Walter.
3. The Mersenne Low Hamming Combination Search Problem can be reduced to an ILP Problem
Alessandro Budroni and Andrea Tenti.

4. Tiny WireGuard Tweak
Jacob Appelbaum, Chloe Martindale and Peter Wu.

5. On MILP-Based Automatic Search for Differential Trails Through Modular Additions with Application to Bel-T
Muhammad Elsheikh, Ahmed Abdelkhalek and Amr Youssef.

6. Handling Vinegar Variables to Shorten Rainbow Key Pairs
Gustavo Zambonin, Matheus Bittencourt and Ricardo Custódio.

7. Memory-Efficient High-Speed Implementation of Kyber on Cortex-M4
Leon Botros, Matthias J. Kannwischer and Peter Schwabe.

8. Further Lower Bounds for Structure-Preserving Signatures in Asymmetric Bilinear Groups
Essam Ghadafi.

9. Simple oblivious transfer protocols compatible with supersingular isogenies
Vanessa Vitse.

10. Practical Attacks on Reduced-Round AES
Navid Ghaedi Bardeh and and Sondre Rønjom

11. Reducing the Cost of Authenticity with Leakages: a CIML2-Secure AE Scheme with One Call to a Strongly Protected Tweakable Block Cipher
Francesco Berti, Olivier Pereira and François-Xavier Standaert.

12. UC-Secure CRS Generation for SNARKs
Behzad Abdolmaleki, Karim Baghery, Helger Lipmaa, Janno Siim and Michal Zajac.

13. Side Channel Analysis of SPARX-64/128: Cryptanalysis and Countermeasures
Sumesh Manjunath Ramesh and Hoda Alkhzaimi.

14. Revisiting Location Privacy from a Side-Channel Analysis Viewpoint
Clément Massart and Francois-Xavier Standaert.

15. Ring Signatures based on Middle-Product Learning with Errors Problems
Dipayan Das, Man Ho Au and Zhenfei Zhang.

16. Extended 3-Party ACCE and Application to LoRaWAN 1.1
Sébastien Canard and Loïc Ferreira.

17. Analysis of Two Countermeasures against the Signal Leakage Attack
Ke Wang and Haodong Jiang.

18. An IND-CCA-Secure Code-Based Encryption Scheme Using Rank Metric
Hamad Al Shehhi, Emanuele Bellini, Filipe Borba, Florian Caullery, Marc Manzano, and Victor Mateu.

19. On the Efficiency of Privacy-Preserving Smart Contract Systems
Karim Baghery.

20. A New Approach to Modelling Centralised Reputation Systems
Lydia Garms and Elizabeth A. Quaglia.

21. A refined analysis of the cost for solving LWE via uSVP
Shi Bai, Shaun Miller, and Weiqiang Wen.

22. Six Shades of AES
Fatih Balli and Subhadeep Banik.